Personalized High Tops

10.17.14 in DIY

All month long we’ve had the varsity blues… we’re obsessed with back-to-school style and have been trying to infuse a bit of collegiate prep into everything we wear! Footwear is no exception (we love our shoes almost as much as we love our baubles!), so this month we decided to take on a shoe DIY! Check out our tips below for how to monogram your sneaks using a stencil to get perfect athletic inspired style.
cut out letters
painting the stencils!


  • Acrylic paint (important to use acrylic, or it will wash off/chip fast)
  • A pair of kicks (we used Converse!)
  • An x-acto knife
  • A stencil (we found ours online)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Sticker paper
  • Masking tape


  1. First, cut out the letters from your stencil (using the sticker paper) that you’re planning on transferring to your sneakers. Make sure that you cut out the shape of the letter from the stencil so that you can fill it in with paint on the shoe!

  2. Tape the stencil into place wherever you’d like to place the letter… we opted for the side of our sneakers.

  3. Coat your paintbrush in paint and paint in the stencil. Two coats should be plenty.

  4. Let dry and remove the stencil… Voilà! One of a kind, varsity kicks.

photographer Eric white, model Sera mann @ marilyn, stylist julie brooke williams, makeup erin green @ art department, hair Lizzie Arenson, and nails elle @ art department

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